The final event of the project will consist in a conference held in Siena aimed at bringing the most engaged speakers and attendees of the previous events together with practitioners, policy-makers, business representatives and, in general, stakeholders in the field of European security. The conference will be open to students, civil society and the media and will actively promote input from and dialogue with the public. On the basis of the debate, the team members will prepare a manifesto outlining the key elements, best practices and points of convergence emerging from the conference, as well as concrete proposals for policy and legal action which will be submitted to the European Union and national political institutions.

It will consist in a three-day event. Each day will be devoted, on the one hand, to the aspects of security law and policy constituting the main focus of the present project, and, on the other hand, on further topics related to the multifarious dimensions of European security law and policy. During the final conference the photo exhibition “Shots on Security” will be presented and inaugurated. The theme of the photo exhibition will be the perception of fear linked to the phenomenon of immigration in Italy.

BESEC_Programme 18-19-20 June 2020

BESEC_Poster 18-19-20 June 2020

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