Focus on Integration, Asylum, Labour and Security

Programme 13-14 February 2019

In the Italian municipality of San Martino in Rio, Emilia Romagna, a project has been recently presented which provides the activation of internships with some asylum seekers, to be carried out in the municipality itself. An allowance in complementary currency (convertible in Euros after six months) is acknowledged to trainees and can be spent only to purchase goods and services sold by the local retailers participating to the initiative. This case raised many reflections which will be developed in a seminar opened to sector’s experts, students and civil society. The seminar will take place in San Martino in Rio.

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Focus on Personal Data, Ethnic Data and Security

Programme 28-29 May 2019

The general focus of the workshop lies on digital security and the protection of privacy. The workshop will be organized in two sessions: first session will address digital security and the protection of privacy, and second session will address the issue of collection and protection of ethnic sensitive data and possible threads to human security. Emphasis will be put on: the collective dimension of privacy; automated decision-making and profiling; fundamental rights implications of big data; security of personal data flows; tracking of digital data and discriminations; policy instruments; relations between collection and protection of ethnic sensitive data and enjoyment of national minority rights; protection of privacy and personal data.

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Focus on Health Data, Genetic Data and Security

Programme 25 October 2019

The workshop will be organized in collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Oncologia in Milan, a major Healthcare Institution in Europe, and in particular with its division on genetic prevention. The conference will discuss the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) with special emphasis on health and genetic data. Speakers will come from medical professions; legal professions; computer science; patience advocacies; public institutions; private companies.

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