Security and Migration Flows in the European Union

Programme 22 November 2018

The conference is aimed to deepen the international and national debate of the professionals and laic public as well as the media representatives in the field of security policy and law to the phenomenon of migration. The conference consists of the three sessions with the specific objective to strengthen the public debate and engagement of the Member states and citizens of the European union. The conference will deal, in particular, with the definition of the notion of security in relation to migratory phenomena in different areas, such as protection of the fundamental rights of migrants, law and policies of the European Union, role of the mass media.

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Security and Data Flows in the European Union

Programme 28-29 June 2019

The conference will be organized in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento and it will be dedicated to the scientific and juridical aspects of data flows. Speakers will come from political institutions; legal professions; computer science; private companies. The conference will be open to a broad audience involved in the management of data and in its relations with security, including public and private actors, such as memebers of public administrations and provate companies. A particular focus will be dedicated to discuss the main issues raised by the General Data Protection Regulation and disseminate awareness among the general public.

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Security and Money Flows in the European Union

Programme 24-25 October 2019

The conference aims at analysing the perspective by which both national and Community laws are dealing with the monitoring of cash flows and business activities as the key domains to develop an efficient way to combat the criminal and terrorist organisations operating in their territory. Indeed, it will be necessary to pay particular attention both to the phenomena that underlie the use of capital to conceal the illegal nature of a flow of funds and to the phenomena where wealth is directed to illegal businesses in order to support them. Moreover, as recommended by international organisations (FATF, IMF),  the enhanced review procedures of Politically exposed persons’ cash flows will be discussed. The study will involve not only scholars but agents of financial institutions and of the supervisory authorities on which, usually, national governments rely for the monitoring of transactions and activities of economic operator and notify anomalies, if present.

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