The aim of the BeSEC Kick-Off Meeting will be twofold. On the one hand, it will gather all key members/partners of the project team in Siena in order to discuss the methodological framework, the guidelines for the project implementation, and the estimate outcomes of the project activities. Partners will be able to share their thoughts about the level of expected cooperation and to allocate precisely the tasks relating to the project’s implementation. On the other hand, the Kick-Off Meeting is intended as a presentation of the project to the broader academic community in Siena as well as to local public and private stakeholders. Targeted invitations will be sent to the city council and other local government authorities, banking and investment companies, law enforcement officials, civil society organizations with stakes on security law and policy, etc. The meeting is thus expected to kick-start a fruitful dialogue with civil society and public institutions that should be a defining feature of the project’s implementation.

On the academic side, the meeting is expected to make all members aware of the project assumptions, challenges, procedures and deliverables. Furthermore, the academic coordinator and the members of the team in charge of organizing each of the conferences, workshops, and other events, will highlight the issues to be addressed in the respective activities. The meeting will also feature three presentations about the state of art of a number of key topics covered by the project. The meeting will be entirely open to students, civil society and the media.

Meeting Programme 19-20 October 2018



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